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Пациент Виктор Быков — профессор института Макса Планка

I’m presently working in Germany as a Head of Design Engineering department and suffered a lot from strong headaches, which started in Japan few years ago. It was just couple of times per year, but ended up in regular weekly ones year ago. Medical checks in the range of normal German insured treatments revealed no clear problems and ended up in diagnose “Migraine with aura” and hell of strong medicines, which helped just a little and disturbed considerably my abilities to work hard as I should. A. Titarchuk found a possible reason – problem between first and second backbone discs in the neck region – and proposed intensive treatment, which I can manage to have during my vacation in Russia. That helped a lot and I gave up from most of medicines. Unfortunately, an effect is temporary and I need to repeat the treatment on regular basis. Nevertheless, this is a way out, which I looked for last few years.

Clinic is nice and easily reachable with subway. I used a car couple of times, but you need to be patient with city jams… Personal is very friendly and in case you have an appointment there is no waiting time, which I really hate in Germany – even if you have “termin” for specific time, you need to wait for half or even hour to be treated.
Prices are not very low and already comparable with German ones, if you have a treatment not covered by insurance, but you have definitely positive results, which you are looking for.

A.Titarchuk understands and speaks German, which was not necessary in my case due to the fact that Russian is my mother language. Concerning English, I didn’t really check. From my side, I recommend to have at least consultation with the doctor, if you experience problems similar to mine.

Victor, 43 y.o.